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I solve problems through design

Chippin hi-fi prototype

Re-designing how we share costs

Helping people share the cost of an online purchase with friends & family in a simple and intuitive way


Case Study
Knight Frank hi-fi prototype

New Tenancy Process App

Helping new tenants process paperwork quickly and easily, while retaining the human touch


Case Study
Friend City hi-fi prototype

Friend City — a new way to find friends

Helping people find friends in a new city based on their preferences and interests


Case Study
Edge Sporting mid-fi prototype

Edge Sporting : E-commerce Website UX Design

Creating an intuitive navigation system and online shopping experience — with a “small store“ appeal


Case Study
Meera image

Hello! I'm Meera

I enjoy building things that have strong foundations. Things that are solid, well structured, methodical, and durable.

I find great joy in a deliberate design process - the interviews, the notes, the drawing of proper hand sketches, the tearing up of prototypes-with-wrong-assumptions, the wireframes, the testing and the feedback that eventually leads to a well-crafted product that I know someone will enjoy.

I love assymmetry and quirkiness. I am drawn to visual elements that appear slightly off-centre but feel just right as part of a larger tapestry.

Many design portfolios often contain the finished result, the beautiful screens at the end of a design process. In my portfolio, you’ll find that my case studies often talk about the process that led to the outcome.

When I’m not designing, I’m a junkie of pointless pop-culture information. I read a lot, I watch a lot of Netflix, I read the weekend newspaper end to end. I love history and period dramas.

My journey into UX design (from a very different past life in financial services) began with an online store inspired by my kids, selling sustainable kids T-shirts, that I continue to run.


I would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch at meera.rao@gmail.com